“Död I Väntan På Liv“ TAPE
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“Död I Väntan På Liv“ is the last album and highly detailed work of Mattias Frisk to complete his triology with its predecessors “En dag i väntan på livet” and “Ett liv i väntan på döden”.
The album itself stands for an eclectic mixture of sounds, music, samples and noise. Hardly to define as a distinct genre, Mattias Frisk offers a breathtaking, arresting amalgam of harsh noise, midified mediaeval-like chamber music and chirping birds, speech sampling, repetitive, almost psychedelic sound modifications and breathes of atmospheric ambient music.
Those are the basic ingredients for a stunning trip between dark, burdensome creepiness and light moments of airiness and confidence in smooth transition.

Experiments in ambient, spoken words, noise, sampling and classic music creating a unique, unbelievable detailed mixture of music.

This release comes as a beautiful white Tape with 9 songs and a total playtime of 29 min. Of course all the artwork is done by Mattias Frisk himself! Limited to 28 copies.

This item is tagged as:
  • Drone
  • Experimental
  • Noise

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