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I††- 8 tracks of foreboding bass driven noise from I††...channelling the proto dubstep of Scorn and magickal electronics of Coil and Throbbing Gristle running through the warp back catalogue. Noise echos and ghost drones from this dark and bloody ground… I†† is a lo-fi hypersigil casting spells in various mediums. The name itself is a sigil for magickal workings, but if it must be pronounced it is eyedoublecross.

skitter- 30 minute soundscape recorded on USB live in France and Glasgow onto MD, re-mastered for this release. Drones of inexplicable beauty intimating infinity. Far from being static, this is music that is constantly in motion. Raw, haunting, and somehow lingual. This is a dynamic, versatile, enthused and crazed subliminal music. This is not noise. This is sound which reflects life in all its varied intricacies, its beauty and despair. an aural combine of two physical spaces... both freezing unintentional events: the one... alien, grief-stricken, numb... tall, grey-felted and box-like. with a hat; the other... (dark) carpeted in furrows... narrow, sloping and low... a wasted tomb. (dedicated to the late benoit sonnette).

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