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This is Bruce Roach's "Gut" LP. A noxious journey into cryptic and foreboding soundscapes, all delivered with uncompromising style and humour. Sounds inspired by political, social and existential dread. A navigation through the comedy/tragedy of existence, tapping into the mundane, the chaos and total devastation. While the sounds hark back to a time gone by these deep zonked out jams channel the exhaustion around current times. From bugged out, jeering synth-punk to hopeful new age synth motifs, often all is obscured by abrupt sonic diversions. It is snide, sarcastic and neurotic, but in the more personal and quieter moments, there is a sense of conviction, the music becoming a sort of peculiar companion. An unperturbed attitude exists throughout delivered with a cold approach that transcends any obligation to be ‘feel good’ or even logical for that matter. In Roach’s own words “I need to demonstrate the dumb, irrational & atavistic forces that are all around us”. These special recordings are untouched, first takes, capturing those unthinking and authentic moments, rare and pure. It is raw, nuanced and ultimately introspective. Personal music made alone after all is said and done. Expect to be enveloped in buzzing electric bass lines, rudimentary drum patterns, spitting synths and a vexatious sense of humour. We present to you “Gut” - A 40 minute journey into the world of Bruce Roach.
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