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The split features just over 12 minutes of caustic, screamy and sometimes atmospheric hardcore. The 50 cassettes are each housed in a unique photograph (so there are 50 different covers!) wrapped around a black tape, all within a plastic, resealable sleeve. мятеж play dreamo-violence whose members have spent time in Yaphet Kotto, Makara, Jenny Piccolo and The World That Summer. From Baltimore, SYNODUS HORRENDA are a new band with members that have spent time in Eyelet, мища, Dawntreader and Sunners, to name a few. Their five debut tracks trade off vocals from June and Nick and generally are pulsating, raw and dirty screamo with a heavy emphasis on punk rock and hardcore.

50 black tapes that come in a foldover picture cover housed in a plastic, resealable sleeve. 2 songs by мятеж and 5 by SH.

FFO: Makara, Orchid, Envy, ....

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  • Emo
  • Hardcore
  • Screamo

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