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Faze Island is New Orleans resident Mike Mayfield. Mike is a member of dark synth pop band ((Pressures)) and spends time creating a variety of other intricate technically focused analogy synth music. Having a rich collection of analog synths, drum machines and electronic gear Mike is an expert in the tools of his trade. Faze Island channels Mikes sound into a sort of retro fashion of minimalist electronic pop and dub and the result ends up being a kind of new wave bossa nova a hybrid of Cluster, Antenna, and Prince Jammys Computerized Dub. This is pointed rhythmic music that is subtle and dreamy. Faze Island is distinct in that it isnt attempting to be roots or even digi dancehall in its application of dub ideas but perhaps uses those influences with the very natural and subtle approach of Mikes compositions to create something separate and new. 
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