I Am Just To Myself C43 Tape
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By now this duo should be far from a mystery though their psychic audio mythos has been continually deepening, growing, and transcending. Comprised of Vanishing Voice members G. Lucas Crane(Non-Horse) and Heidi Diehl, these New Yorkers flee the trappings of the fashion capital of the world for the land of home grown psychedelia. Non-Horse plays a crate of cassette tapes and a chain of delay. Wrapping sounds from various sources into a concocted aural remedy from reality, a psychedelic blanket sheltering you from the outside world. Heidi lends her voice and dripping dream guitar work to the powers at hand, juxtaposing heavy bass with light whispers and shimmering strings with deep murmurs. On the B side fellow spirit forcer Steve Gunn of GHQ brings a new element to the group, percussion. A natural oneness is developed between all players, creating earth music with a deeply rooted sense of calmness and serenity. In an edition of 100 numbered tapes with printed labels.

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