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France’s Fhoi Myore are well on track to mastering the art.The Northern Cold EP is the first offering from their own, self-built recording studio, and (drummer Bress tells me) was the band’s attempt to teach themselves how to record in preparation for a full-length. The sound, in short, is great. Every instrument is clear and well-balanced, with a nice earthy texture. What’s best, though – and todays pro engineers should take note – is that there’s little compression on the drums and vocals, leaving lots of room for dynamics. A fine move.

Fhoi Myore offer a naturalistic brand of BM that reminds me a lot of Strontgortth-era Nagelfar. There are some tasteful acoustic pieces woven in and a lot of rain samples (which actually set the mood quite well), but the rest of the time Fhoi Myore deliver no-nonsense Black Metal. The material’s not all consistently strong: the epic ‘Orage’ packs in some bright, melodious riffing but is a bit too bloated and disjointed in parts. The standout track ‘Miist’, on the other hand, is a concise masterpiece, full of swift shifts of pace and some nice major-key moments that caught me off guard.

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