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It takes all of the first 80 seconds of Bristol trio Thought Forms second album, Ghost Mountain, to realise that this is a group who have moved on substantially from their debut of three years ago. Indeed, if their self-titled debut in 2009 was about finding the dynamic limits of their atmospheric sound, gently prodding and probing varying elements, then the huge great slab of guitar that greets you instantly on their follow-up roars with the confidence of a band who’ve found their level from which to fully explore their creative expression.

Charlie Romijn (guitars / vocals), Deej Dhariwal (guitars / vocals) and Guy Metcalfe (drums) have already made their mark live – cultivating a colossal sound that bands twice their number would struggle to re-create - with appearances at ATP Festival I’ll Be Your Mirror and a US tour support slot with Portishead in 2011. Indeed, with a recent support tour with Geoff Barrow’s Beak> and, of course, putting Ghost Mountain out on Invada, there’s clearly a strong link to their fellow Bristolians – more so when you consider that Portishead live member Jim Barr produced the new record. Barr’s input was vital, says the group’s Charlie Romijn: “He totally understood what we're about and where we are coming from,” she explains. “He really helped us to develop our ideas, enhancing or changing songs we weren’t sure about. We completely trusted him and he's really pushed us further than we'd have managed on our own.”

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