Star Destroyer LP
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Alex Delivery are a Brooklyn-based quintet, who for this hugely impressive debut album string together some seriously inventive krautrock-themed compositions from a scrapyard’s worth of bizarre electronic sources, in addition to more conventional instruments like guitars, organs and drums. The album starts with an almighty dirge: ‘Komad’ is a magnificent, sprawling piece of euphoric electronic weirdness. Its primitive, screeching loops bringing to mind both the strangeness of early Black Dice and the experimental pop sensibilities of Animal Collective. Over the course of ‘Komad’’s ten minutes the band never cease to surprise you with all kinds of improbable musical twists and turns, and that remains the case throughout the album: there really isn’t a dull moment here. ‘Rainbow’ is a kind of electroacoustic powerballad featuring some softly sung melodies and brittle insectoid digital crackling, ‘Scotty’ is an outrageous fairground waltz, drenched in inappropriate eruptions of noise, while ‘Milan’, the album’s centre piece, is one of the most rampantly creative pieces of electronically-enhanced psychedelics you could hope to come across. It begins with vocals swathed in Fennesz-style symphonic digital drones only to turn into an incredible Moroder-meets-Neu! piece of propulsive psych-rock. A debut of startling originality and accomplishment, Star Destroyer is pretty darn essential listening. Highly recommended.
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