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Backwards proudly presents a new Aidan Baker vinyl LP, issued in a edition of 450 copies. For this release AIDAN BAKER, co-founder of Nadja and member of Arc, is aided by his brother, Richard Baker, at drums. Recorded variously in Toronto and Berlin, 'Smudging' includes six songs comprised in two long epic tracks, with guitar textures and hypnotic rhythm structures to create a beautiful and dreamy listening experience. In the wake of his most experimental and characterized by dilated atmospheres works, as it happened for example in "The Sea Swells A Bit...", Aidan Baker is back to exercise his hypnotic power on the listener. The guitar drones succeed one another, alternating with more rhythmic and structured brackets, thanks to the involvement of Richard, who divides his time between more consistent raids, which almost tend to evolutions near to improvisation (as in "Sweetgrass 1"), and softer and occasional interventions which leave full space to the landscape drifts created by Aidan with his guitar effects and enveloping electronic sound-carpets (as in "White Desert Cedar").

"Smudging" is a work that, both in the execution and in the structure of the six tracks that comprise it, represents another confirmation of the stylistic code reached by the eclectic Canadian musician, who's determined in his aim to drag the listener, with extreme elegance, into the multiple parallel worlds created by his unlimited sounds. Another excellent album from this marvelous artist!

"Smudging" is released as a limited edition of 400 copies in a beautiful designed sleeve.

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  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • Spacerock

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