La Peur Est Un Illusion - Singles 2006-08 LP
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Before THE FEELING OF LOVE evolved into a band it was the work of one man, GUILLAUME MARIETTA, who cranked out five seven inches in the space of two years. TFoL added two more members, became a proper band, and cut their first album. This compilation is the story of those hard to find pieces of wax finally coalesced into one long player for your enjoyment. Taking twelve tracks from five early 7”s and adding two unreleased songs this is an essential album for any fan. Whether you’re filling gaps because you weren’t able to snatch all those EPs, or if you’re new to TFoL, this is a great place to start. The immediacy of these stripped down blues tracks will fill that hole in yr garage rock soul. Rippling through these fourteen tracks is the raw evisceration of rockandroll as you know and love it. Like a caveman wielding a club to pass his meal through a chinois, so too does The Feeling of Love crush, kill and destroy their music for you. After having beaten yr eardrums and brains to bits the end result will be so smooth you’ll need to drink it through a straw… at which point you’ll flip this wax over and do it again. Limited to 500 copies for the U.S
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  • Garage
  • Postpunk
  • Punk
  • Shoegaze

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