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Other Music Recording Co.’s first release of 2013 comes from the label’s very first signing, EX COPS, whose debut single launched the imprint last April. Formed by BRIAN HARDING (formerly of HYMNS) and AMALIE BRUUN (formerly of MINKS), the Brooklyn band was born in 2011, issuing a short-run, homespun CDEP of hazy, lo-fi recordings featuring Harding’s opaque bedroom-pop songwriting juxtaposed with the duo’s sun-kissed harmonies. Two of the tracks, “You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb” b/w “The Millionaire,” were soon released to the world on vinyl as OM-001, and the pair continued to write new songs while simultaneously playing more live shows, now working as a proper five-piece rock band, with the addition of good friends KAI KENNEDY on lead guitar, LEIF YOUNG HUCKMAN on bass, and SAM BAIR on the drums. True Hallucinations is a mind-altering pop pill that maintains the intimate mood of the original group’s sound, but now presented in widescreen Technicolor. Harding’s songs are effortlessly catchy, built from a timeless blend of gentle, somnambulant harmonies, chiming guitars, and loose swinging rhythms. Coming in at just over 30 minutes, the album never overstays its welcome, but living up to its name, True Hallucinations will linger in your head, making for a pop trip that you’ll return to again and again.
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