the mineral victim LP
Label: Blackest Rainbow

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After a lengthy silence, Chora’s Ben Nash came back recently with an album made entirely on his computer, and now here’s another one which seems to have been made with a combination of computer and guitar, carving out slow melodic soundscapes with glassy, patient drones, disembodied voices and a whole variety of tones which swell and recede for quite an ominous, organic-sounding psychedelic thrum.

There are two lengthy pieces on here, on the first side there’s ‘From 80 Fathoms’, which is quite spooky and horror film-esque in places, helped by distant vocal warblings, while on the flip ‘The Mineral Victim’ is more of a celestial new agey type piece, all peace drones and panpipes and shimmering synth strings and uplifting chords with the most recognisable guitar work of the album coming right towards the end. Pretty uplifting and involving psych-drone excursions here. (Norman Records)

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