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The latest impossibly black-hearted offering from Miasmah is the work of Gareth Davis and Frances-Marie Uitti. It's one of the least obviously electronic releases on the label to date - Uitti and Davis achieve its sublimely haunting, enervating sound largely through the natural power of their chosen instruments - clarinet and cello. But this is no neo-classical driftscape to pass an idle half an hour, it's a work that's angry and alive, possessed of a seductive and nightmarish energy. Davis's low-swooping clarinet tones in particular are capable of dredging up all kinds of dark thoughts - some welcome, others less so - while Uitti's attacks her double-bowed cello with the fervour and focus of a priest carrying out an exorcism. Fans of The Haxan Cloak, Morricone and Macchi's most visceral, spiky giallo scores and the oneiric jazz noir of Kreng and Bohren should check the samples post haste.
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