New Attitude LP
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In between a massive national tour in support of The Getty Address and relocation to Brooklyn, chief Dirty Projector Dave Longstreth wrote an EP's worth of crazy new songs. Playing the electric counterpoint to The Getty Address, New Attitude is a refreshingly pared-down disc: simple, beautiful, and focused. It is dominated by the sound of chiming microtonal guitars, sub-bass dragon breaths, a sextet of cellos and double-basses, and, most of all, Longstreth's singing, which has never been so varied or so wonderfully weird. This is how Dave Longstreth describes New Attitude: "For me, this EP was all about full-spectrum. I tried to make completely hit songs that each created a rainbow of sound by defining poles of extreme low - for that I used sine waves - and extreme high, like the disco car-ad three-part falsetto harmony choruses in 'Imagine It.' If you like rainbows, this record is for you."
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