Thundaaaaah! LP
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It's 1979 and you're driving what might be among the last of the V8 Police Interceptors on the Anarchie Road through the deceptively serene countryside of Victoria. Next thing you know, berserk motorcycle gangs come out of the proverbial woodwork with that uncalculated crazy that's reserved only for society's real oddballs. DEAD might be the best modern band to set the tone for the wide-screen, gritty car chase genre from Vanishing Point to Max. And meanwhile in Manila, Christ Church, Adelaide and Dunedin, the southern hemisphere punks agree that Dead are a force. So do the anarchists of Kuala Lumpur. Folks who've paid attention to the excellent We Empty Rooms output of the latter 2000s probably know Dead from their other bands. JEM’s the drummer from FIRE WITCH, and JACE (and Jem too) played in FANGS OF they also were in INAPPORPIRATE TOUGH GUY BEHAVIOUR, who're among our all-time favorite Australian bands of the 2000s. Dead have mined that weirdo Australian aggressive punk vibe and wedded it with noise rock riff repetition. And all from their unhip corner of Melbourne. The Thundaaaah! LP had got 9 tracks of bass/drum mayhem, with an If-You-Like list about twenty five miles long, populated with bands like godheadSilo, Nomeansno, Big Business errrr and some of that awesome, classic Australian desperation that's come from degenerates like the Cosmic Psychos and Lubricated Goat. It's got that same shitty, aggro rumble of the crustiest of '90s midwestern AmRep noise skuzz, run through the dry-baked heat of the Australian bush. Limited U.S. first pressing of 200 copies on 180-gram vinyl with download card and screen printed jackets.

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