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Finders Keepers return with another expertly sequenced compilation, this time taking a closer look at legendary Spanish imprint 'Belter' who have now been around for fifty years. Featuring rare tracks from the likes of Soledad Miranda ('Vampyros Lesbos'), Los Mismos and Fusioon, plus bizarre versions of tracks written by Curved Air, David Bowie, Quincy Jones, Wayne Fontana and Yamasuki, its another one of those precious releases that sounds like some kind of mixtape put together by someone with exquisite taste in killer, largely unknown music - which is more or less exactly what it is. Finders keepers excel at this sort of thing and seem to have made it their mission to bring to wider recognition record labels who have tirelessly brought the world unconventional, pioneering, quirky and little appreciated gems, united by a dislike of conformity of any kind. Belter Records, with their familiar yellow graphic bands and blue / silver or brown / yellow labels, punctuate racks of other Spanish delights in a country whose habitual record buying market was initiated and facilitated by a self-made home grown institution. This is were you'll find hip hop producers rubbing shoulders with mods and proggers, shying away from the sun, contemplating a supposedly authentic paella supper and repeatedly flipping over the endless rivers of 7" circles and squares in search of another 'Absolute Belter'. The Belter repertoire has touched each continent, proudly defiant in the face of fascism, technology, revolution, capitalism, patriotism, bad fashion, good vibrations and dubious humour, and now comes to you via another indispensable Finders Keepers selection - get investigating.
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