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On "Days In The Wake," Palace overlord Will Oldham took his vision of bleak, minimalist folk-country to its mournful conclusion, recording it as essentially a one-man band. As its title implies, "Hope" allows for some light to break through. There is actual added instrumentation, though the occasional piano and drums never actually overwhelm the spare, aching melodies, and Oldham's plaintive hushed voice is still the main instrument here. The cryptic lyrics are often deliberately confusing -- it's anyone's guess as to what exactly the bizarrely titled "Werner's Last Blues to Blokbuster" is referring to -- but the emotion captured by Oldham's voice and the beauty of the acoustic instruments is enough to create something haunting and evocative. It's only an EP, but "Hope" may be one of the clearest, most beautiful examples of Oldham's art yet, and fans looking for gorgeous, longing folk-country should find plenty to like here.
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