Sound A Sleep Sound LP
Label: Bathetic

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How do you describe magical, ethereal creatures that slide out of night skies and into your bedroom, offering a welcoming hand extended to invite you on a journey and a warm embrace after they've put you back to bed? Almost indentical is describing the odd wonder of Sound A Sleep Sound, a dynamic album that rockets out of the niches built by genre standards like ambient or drone. No, this is cosmic soul-searching, boiled down into 40 minutes of nebulous-pink, gooey extraterrestrial love. On this wax saucer, ZAC NELSON, of CHLL PLL and HEX LOVE fame, throws down two side-long floaters bent solely on mental coaxing into another zone. Patient, yet involved tones slip and shimmer into and out of perspective. The sounds liquify and coat your entire persona. Sit a spell in a dim room with the lovely drifters encased in wax. You will find yourself waking into a new reality. Your head might feel swimmy and your heart a little heavier. That means you're newly alive. Edition of 250 copies on either gold or white vinyl.
This item is tagged as:
  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • Psychedelic

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