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LP version. Just as different types of fish can be found in different waters, so, too, do the acoustic tales of The Micronaut take place in different regions of the emotional landscape: sometimes warm, sometimes fresh -- sometimes calm and stagnant, sometimes lively and floating. And just as all fish are connected by the water surrounding them, also this album has its connecting element: a very individual and independent groove. This groove comes with a lot of surprises. For instance, when a guitar chord from the acoustic band atmosphere of "Gründling" suddenly gets tangled up in a loop and introduces an unexpected but coherent change into the direction of broken, electronic beats. Or when the emotional world music elements of "Schleie" mix up with exciting halfstep rhythms. Sophisticated arrangements, unusual instrumentations and intense emotions -- these are the main attributes of Friedfisch. Though the experimental character of this work does not really aim for the dancefloor, it still keeps its connection to this place.

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