TYME. x Tujiko

Label: editions Mego

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All songs produced and written by Tyme. / Tujiko Noriko
Except tracks 2, 8 written by P.P.A / Tujiko Noriko
Mixed by Tyme.

After a break from releases, Tujiko Noriko returns to Editions Mego - home of her best work - with an album of electro-pop recorded around new years for the past six years. She's skillfully assisted by production from Tatsuya Yamada of MAS on eleven songs of oddly optimistic and charmingly lurid electronica. As ever, Tujiko's vocals are the real star, and juxtaposed against bold, rhythm-driven electronica with finely organised neon melodies and an underlying hint of something darker, as with the melancholy twinges of 'Gyungyun' or the dreamy swoon of 'Heart Koorasete' and minor key chords of 'Vacation of God'. Our highlights have to be the Techy, slowfast skitter of 'From A Spring' and the glistening, glassy structures of 'Slow Motion'. Features artwork by Toshiko Kimura.

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