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Soundway Records and Tummy Touch are proud to present ‘Dawn of Awareness’ the second album by Joni Haastrup’s band MonoMono. Re-issued on CD, LP and digital, the LP comes with a bonus 12″ featuring two extra tracks.

Amid the OPEC oil embargo, Watergate and IRA bombs, the sound of MonoMono’s follow-up record, 1974’s ‘Dawn of Awareness’, took on the bluesrock grooves of Santana and Hugh Masekela but with their own unique Yoruban flavor. A deeply spiritual record, ‘Dawn of Awareness’ was Haastrup’s reaction to what was going on in the world around him. One hears echoes of the Allman Brothers’ ‘Revival’ on MonoMono’s ‘Awareness is What You Need’ and after listening to ‘Plain Fighting’ you could easily imagine the band sharing the stage with the Doobie Brothers at an East Side San Jose street festival.

The LP version comes with a bonus 12″ vinyl.

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