Exhaust Yourself LP

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Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl and packaged with 3-color silkscreened sleeves, inserts and a dowload cards.

Rotted Tooth returns with another radically reactive record by the artist / musician known as Lee Relvas (AKA Rind). Chicagoans should recall Lee’s commanding low-end presence in the idiosyncratic anti-prog group, Mayor Daley. Lee Relvas (formerly Dewayne Slightweight) recently escaped the frigid land of Daley and set up camp in the warmer climes of Nor-Cal and taped said solo home recording project in the heat of summer of 2011. It’s heavily influenced by the uber-topical Gulf Oil Spill of 2011, but it ain’t no preachfest; more of a minimal concept album, if you will. And, if you will, imagine a drum kit-less, synth-laden Mayor Daley, you’ll easily conjure the essence of Rind. “Exhaust Yourself” is a timeless record with dark synthetic textures, reverberating vocals, and a truly peerless vibe. On the bizarre music continuum, Rind lies somewhere between her pal Fielded and here former cohorts Mayor Daley, but fans of esoteric minimal-wave will exhaust themselves trying to find another recording of a similar ilk. Rind did the artwork, Rind recorded the music, and Rotted Tooth screened the 3 colors on the fantastic fold-overs.

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  • Abstract
  • Electronic
  • Female-Fronted

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