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everything is dancing LP
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THIS IS ONE OF THE DEBUT ALBUMS OF 2011....After a year and half of making East London a sunnier, happier, better-looking place, the mighty Fair Ohs are finally ready to release their debut album - the joyfully titled Everything is Dancing. Following a slew of hyped East African-inspired Garage Punk 7" singles, splits (with the likes of Spectrals, Male Bonding, Cold Pumas, and Women), Cassettes and compilation appearances, Everything is Dancing sees Fair Ohs expanding their horizons into the worlds of West African funk, 60s Psychedelic Rock, Eritrean Guayla music and a whole heap of Fleetwood Mac - in the process making a super succinct album of esoteric punk joyfulness. Released digitally and on limited edition 12" only, Fair Ohs have decided to be as needlessly independent about their debut album as is humanly possible, releasing it on their own Honey High imprint and sticking rigidly to their principles of how independent music should be released. The band feel that they just want the music to be out there, without the usual pressures of releasing music in this age of failing record labels. By releasing it their own way, they are maintaining complete control and staying as true as possible to their vision of how music should exist in this day and age. The vinyl will come with a download of an exclusive 2 track acoustic EP. The boys are no new-comers to the world of releasing music though. Having all grown up as part of the UK's Punk/DIY scene they have a long history of association with indie and hardcore labels. Bassist Matt Flag runs the burgeoning Suplex Cassettes tape empire and guitarist Eddy Frankel runs the Moshi Moshi Records world music imprint Dream Beach Records. Hopefully that means they have enough experience to not fuck up their debut album. Fans of Ganglians / Fools Gold need to get something new to their ears right now, this more than fits the bill!

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