The Drawing Of The Line LP
Label: Digitalis

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Seattle's Emuul makes his vinyl debut with a blissed side of synth and guitar crafted Nu Age experiments on Digitalis. Since 2009 he's released a glistening string of cassette-only pearls on Sweat Lodge Guru, Stunned Records and Monorail Trespassing among others, displaying an endearingly subtle and restrained approach to his pop-infused synth meditations. His sound is sanguine and misty, embedded with a yearning melodic romance that feels unhurried and unforced, with an intimate tenderness recalling Brad Rose's lushest moments as the North Sea or perhaps a more dewy, forested Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. Entering to the sunrise elevation of 'Expectations', synth repetitions rise and fall in the warm air with a moorland BoC quality, while 'Love Theme' could be compared with Leyland Kirby's most heartfelt melodramas, like a pastiche of the score to an afternoon Swedish TV soap circa 1987, and 'Big Clouds' a saturated vision of slightly distorted synth melancholy. Most absorbing of all is the 21 minutes of glacial, elegiac catharsis in 'Plus One', where gently elliptical repetitions peel away into an effervescent ether, sucking up colder bass waves from below the surface.

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