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Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. U.S. Girls is the creative force of a lone American woman, Meghan Remy, who pursues minimalism with a militant by-any-means-necessary attitude, merging experimental compositions tracked on borrowed four-track recorders with her distinctive photocopy-art visual aesthetic. While Artform likened U.S. Girls to "blunted Lee 'Scratch' Perry remixes of Cambodian Rocks covers of Western pop tunes," more accurately she can be thought of as a modern pop revisionist, treating the artistic honesty of her beloved soul and classic rock with lyrical strains of static and tape hiss. Slim Twig is a shape-shifting performer and song-sculptor based in Toronto. His artistic vision is born from a twisted landscape of pop and experimental music, pulp literature and movie magic. Violently colliding a snatch-sampling aesthetic ala RZA with a noir-ish drama rockabilly persona, a sort of Elvis lost in the 36 chambers, Slim Twig creates an aggressively innovative pop sound with which he treats dark, fragmented, imagistic lyrics.
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