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the long lost eulcid album finally sees the light of day! the band issued their stunning debut,
"the wind blew all the fires out" in 2002 and then seemed to disappear. eulcid mastermind
Mike Law resurfaced in another amazing band, NEW IDEA SOCIETY. somewhere in
between eulcid managed to record "hope: and songs to sing". shortly after the band broke
up which unfortunately led to the album sitting on the shelves. thankfully, it has finally been
released by the fine folks over at EXOTIC FEVER. its a shame this album hasnt seen release
until now though cause its a great batch of songs that prove that eulcid was one of the most
overlooked and underrated bands of the last few years. "hope: and songs to sing" has a
rather disjointed feel as the songs vary quite a bit. however, it actually adds to the listening
experience rather than diminishing it. the first two tracks hit especially hard and remind me
why i´ve missed this band. laws vocals echo the higher pitched sound of GUY PICCIOTTO
of FUGAZI. "clip" showcases laws lyrical deftness with the telling chorus, "when
information turns to dollars it is already spent/greed is the conveyor, and fiction is present
tense/piling up on our backs is a fear we cant question/we will never notice the lullaby is
sung all day". on tracks like "(i heard it) on the radio" and "checkbook" you can clearly see
the influence of laws more straight-forward songwriting approach in NEW IDEA SOCIETY.
the "instrumental no vocals ... 3" and the acoustic "word of mouth" continue the diverse
songwriting to spectacular results. the epic "cost of profit (untitled)" shows how brilliant
this band was. its lyrical daggers shoot right to the heart of the consumerism that
overwhelms our society at times. its a theme that seems to be prevalent throughout "hope:
and songs to sing". ultimately this record and what eulcid meant can be summed up in the
lyrics that law puts forth so eloquently time and time again. on "afterthought" law sings "no
need for volume when the genuine sings/voices knock over un-moveable things". and on
the album closer big heart (for woodie guthrie, for walt cordell), law sings with unwavering
passion, "no one could ever burn my heart out!" call me naive but i sure as hell believe him.
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