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New age playboy James Ferraro takes it to the 'floor in typically skewed style on 'Sushi'. Arriving nearly a year since the hilarious 'Far Side Virtual', it's a logical progression from his emo-R&B and Hip Hop-baiting Bebetune$ and Bodyguard albums, breaking down snippets of Rihanna, vintage New York house memes, trill drums and tacky-plush synths in a refractive bubblebath of illusive FX. There's a deeply cutting humour and lascivious intent at play, holding up a mirror to the numbnut excesses of club culture in much the same way V/Vm did in the late '90s until it stares back all grotesque, leering and oily like some horrifically playful Chris Cunningham creature. Yet at the same time, there's a seductively groovesome side to these cuts, as with the ripe swing of 'SO N2U' and the sticky tarmac bounce of 'Lovesick', but the ones that really get us are those most f**ked-up, dissonant bits that sounds like they've been dragged thru a youtube resonance simulator backwards: we're talking the demented 'Baby Mitsubishi'; the LOL-able sax blurts and jagged rave stabs of 'Flamboyant'; the swelling blob of R&B psych 'Condom' (please do a JLS!); not least the cyber-sensual lamination 'Booty Call'.
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