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Jon Porras of Barn Owl is someone we didn't expect, but are very pleased, to hear take on the whole ambient/noise/techno spectre with his cryptic debut EP as Dvvllxns. Operating within a ghostly realm shared by Grouper, Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, or to an extent Cut Hands, the four tracks on his 'Lxtvny EP' are essentially post-techno for shoegazers and droney doom types; enchanting experiments in layered, diffuse soundscaping and trickling kosmiche synths shackled to brooding bass pulses and percussive shards. While rhythm has never really been a central concern with Porras' other material, here it's a crucial factor in fine balance with the atmospheric content, always in the background but making its presence felt amidst the cirrus swirl of voices on 'Litany' or as chugging anchor for the expansive harmonic evaporations on 'Xochitl'. With 'Entropy' they provide submerged ballast to a vast chord clouds and sweeping aether chorales hinging on a really lush synth breakdown, and take to the peripheries for the finale of throbbing undertow and Carpenter-esque arpeggios on 'Espejo'.
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