Oh Love 12"
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100% Silk begs and pleads for all things OCTO—that eight-sided honest octagon: sweet, sad, shy, hopeful, blissful, light, lifting, longing. Going deeper, swelling higher than his first “Let Me See You” 12”, “Oh Love” unifies crucial human experience with technology, sound, and rhythm in a totality of touching vision. The thesis thrill here: selling dreams that can’t be followed, finding love that can’t be lasting, seeking a future that can’t solve your present. “Oh Love” is honeyed with tender integrity; musings on Dance history merge euphoniously with a wealthy sample bank. OCTO OCTA’s the new search engine; he’s connected and connective, the feeling fish to your computer chips. The dancefloor has been pulled out from under you, now you’re free to float in the “Oh Love” atmosphere—warm and womby, roused and roomy, a tear-jerk body-work. Poise yourself for poignancy. He’s TRYING to break your heart.
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  • Disco
  • Pop
  • Synth

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