Mallet Guitars Two / Music For Moai LP
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Initially commissioned for a festival in Liverpool, ‘Mallet Guitars Two’ widens the scope of previous duo Ex-Easter Island Head into a full quartet. It works wonders too, bringing to mind Steve Reich or possibly Rhys Chatham (who performed alongside the band at the same Liverpool festival), yet never resorting to pastiche. The pieces that make up ‘Mallet Guitars Two’ smartly never stay on one course for two long, drifting from the luxurious drone of the opening part into choppy percussive waves of guitar into almost total percussion. From the opening notes it’s clear the band are expertly placed to explore these styles with precision and confidence, and this sets up subtle ultra-minimal fifteen-minute closer ‘Music for Moai Hava’ perfectly. Killer stuff from an act probably not on everyone’s radar just yet – recommended!
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  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • Modern Classical
  • World

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