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2009, Now Again
"Triorganico's debut... is something you'd expect to hear floating from a smoky Bossa Nova club in the 1950s - not downtown LA. Triorganico finds comfort in history and hindsight." - Wax Poetics.

A Southern Californian garage-band influenced by music of the Latin American diaspora? Forty years ago that might have described a psych outfit, or an ensemble that emulated Santana. In 2009 it describes a wondrous little combo who has returned to Latin jazz's raw, minimalist roots and have recorded an album drenched in history, yet defiantly modern: Convivencia. Triorganico - Pablo Calogero on saxophones and woodwinds, Ricardo "Tiki" Pasillas on percussion and Fabiano do Nascimento on guitar - formed in Calogero's garage. "We would simply get together to listen to music, write music, share ideas," the Rio de Janeiro bred do Nascimento states. The band set up a weekly residency in Downtown LA, playing a variety of original compositions and cover songs from their favorite musicians. Songs by Brazilian legends featured prominently. The idea to record happened organically and using what the group describes as "guerrilla tactics." The result is a wholesome album that rambles purposefully through the wonders of Brazilian bossa nova influenced jazz and spreads into the musical melting pots at the center of its creator's multi-cultures.

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