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Their CD EP reminded me of Neurosis or Mindrot to some degree, and a scarce few moments still bring such acts to mind, but this record is definitely more developed. The writing ranges from bleak and doom laden rhythms, to twisted melodic or dissonant runs, to almost sludgy chord progressions with a little bit of a rock vibe, to calm clean passages with a ton of emotion. And the vocals are both vicious low growls and sinister cackling high screams. They've got so much going on, but the way they put the songs together it works. It's not like they're trying to incorporate so many styles or riffs just for the hell of it, it just feels natural. "Personification of Time" is a fucking masterpiece! The clean guitars are excellent (note the almost 70's sounding harmonies towards the latter portion of the track), but the ringing melodic arpeggios are incredibly forceful. That's the kind of shit that just hits you right away. Excellent. "Extinguishing Fire in its Season" is much more dissonant, but still uses a lot of thick chords and overlaid melodies, as well as introducing some of the wild Econochrist-like basslines that impressed me so much on their "Opening of the Mouth" CD. The epic "Crook and Flail" closes (taking up the entirety of side B), opening with some lush and almost Amebix-ish clean guitars and driving rhythms that sound a bit more modern in their uniquely melodic note combinations, eventually breaking off some brief Slayer-esque hammer-on/pull-off riffs reminiscent of the "Seasons in the Abyss" era. A lot more effects are used over certain guitar and bass parts here, creating a spacey sort of feel at times. It's not too experimental, but it does have a watery sort of ethereal nature to it on occasion. The production is fine in my opinion. The drums are really dense, the bass is there, the guitars are heavy but clear, and the vocals aren't overpowering. Everything is warm and dense, with no separation at all. Certain lower tones can get a tad muddy, and I wouldn't mind a bit more bass definition, but really, this sounds very good.
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