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Avan songstress AZITA has returned from wherever she goes when we can’t see her, and as always, she’s bearing drifts of music that shock us out of our reverie and into hers. The sounds of her new Year are bright, bold, surrealistic, playful—among the best songs you’re gonna hear in this or any other annum. Azita’s stance going back through the years has been bold, to say the least. It’s possible that audacious is a better word for it. Or worse—but extremity is part of the essence of her expression, whether in the form of extreme punk theatre with BRIDE OF NO NO and THE SCISSOR GIRLS, the electronic sounds on her solo debut, Music For Scrambled Brains, or the far reaches of piano pop music that she has surveyed on her albums Enantiodromia, Life On the Fly, How Will You? and Disturbing the Air. Whichever direction Azita is flying off into, she moves with preternatural conviction.
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