punk holograms LP
Label: Psychic Handshake

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NOW AVAILABLE!!! “When Punk Holograms started off with a modern twist on old Ultravox, I settled myself in for another sound-a-like rip-off of old New Wave. Not that ‘Time Shit & Crystal Snot’ is a bad song; just that I am really tired of hearing the same crap rehashed by a generation who were barely in diapers—if they were even born—and gobbled up by goobs heralding said sounds as something new, when it is really just SOS badly recorded. Sooooo... I was pleasantly surprised when the WICKED AWESOMES jangled into some primo Leaving Trains cum Celibate Rifles p. rock. Any New Wave moments that followed were paisleyed-out enough to keep me happy. Tight songwriting + loose playing, propelled along by cool guitar runs and keyboard accents. I bet these guys are a killer live band.”—S.S. (Z-Gun)

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