Scion A/v Remix 12"
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In remarkably short time, JUAN MACLEAN has developed a well-deserved reputation as a forward-thinking dance music maker. He's also become a highly regarded tastemaker, DJing quite literally around the world; pushing electronic experimentation in his own music; and remixing songs by the Draft Punk, Air, VHS Or Beta and The Presets, to name just notable a few. Now, Scion Audio/Visual has made the DFA label stalwart the focus of a new collection of remixes featuring four songs from Maclean's 2009 album The Future Will Come, all reconfigured by some of DFA's most creative, original and recognizable artists.

Fans of Maclean's future-gazing approach to house and DFA's always innovative handling of dance music won't be disappointed with the results. GAVIN RUSSOM offers a rich, robo-influenced take on "Accusations," CANYON decorously fills out the sparse parts of the "The Future Will Come," SHIT ROBOT proffers a muscular, darkened version of "No Time," and HOUSE OF HOUSE—the duo including OLIVIER “LIV” SPENCER of STILL GOING—turns the original introspectiveness of "A Human Disaster" outward and dizzyingly upward.

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