bruises and butterflies LP
Label: Drag City

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Although eloquent folk singer-songwriting is seldom in short supply, any particularly good contributions to the genre are always guaranteed a warm reception. Elisa Randazzo arrives with a Drag City debut via a role in the ranks of label favourite The Red Krayola, contributing not only to numerous live tours but four albums, for which she supplied violin and vocals. Randazzo seems to have gone into the family business, having followed in the footsteps of both her mother (Victoria Pike) and father (Teddy Randazzo) who were well-known on New York's songwriter circuit back in the 1960s. Elisa's music seems to be more rooted in the folk-rock sounds of the early 1970s however, and while there's no shortage of evidence pointing to the influence of Canyon scene sounds, conjuring up references to the likes of Judee Sill and Linda Perhacs, and even channelling Harvest-era Neil Young on the excellent 'Colors'. In addition to some very fine, seasoned writing, the articulate acoustic guitar work, delicate vocal harmonies and lavishly conducted country arrangements make Bruises & Butterflies an understatedly very special record despite it being something that could have been made at any point during the last forty years; there's so much craft gone into songs like 'He Faded', 'Circles' and 'Darkerlands' that only the most hardened of folk sceptics could fail to appreciate its timeless charms.

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