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Horders, the audio side of Give Up, released a number of tapes and splits (Most notably with Rot In Hell and Pink Priest) since its creation, but Fimbulvetr is the first full-length album. Within a few moments, the listener is sent into this dark and at times chaotic sound-scape full of haunting samples, guitars, and sound-effects.
"World Without End" starts things with a repetitious black-metal sound, lo-fi and raw. Throughout the record, there is a strong BM influence (Albeit not so much in the more acoustic numbers) along with harsh noise. "South Of The River" blends together a lot of these styles and techniques, almost creating this malevolent mosaic. In contrast, "Gallery Of Plague" shares more in common with the opening track by keeping a peculiar driving metal sound. The song, perhaps my favorite on the album, has a very interesting militaristic feel. The constant barrage of sound simply washes over the listener, conjuring up scenes of marching soldiers in a war-torn city.
Even when Horders turns to its acoustic side, there's always seems to be something underneath. For example the closing track, "Rotten Hell", is dominated mostly by acoustic strumming but the voice sample - and the occasional SFX - creates a very creepy atmosphere that brings to mind Rot In Hell's "Today, Tomorrow, Forever & Always." I found that Fimbulvetr wasn't an easy-going listen, but a highly enjoyable one. Whilst mostly instrumental, the album isn't background music but a thought-provoking trip, engaging the listener in myriad ways.
Since hearing the RIH/Horders split, I was curious to see what Horders had next. With Fimbulvetr, that curiosity turned into delight. From a record nerd point, Feast Of Tentacles did a bang-up job. Between all the extras and pristine white vinyl, the record is truly something to behold. It should go without saying but... I highly recommend checking out Horders if you dig both good artwork and music. ( total war blog )
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