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Label: Sunney Sindicut Reecords

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The crisp, stunted blows upon a snare drum punctuate the strangled six-string storm. Vocals ride like foamy crests atop powerful winter waves. Hitting the shore with violent force, the white foam turns to mist and envelopes the couple standing still upon the cliff's edge. Clouds roll in. Growing ever darker, the movement of the needle across this single-sided slab of plastic mimics that of storm clouds leaving the distant horizon to become the ceiling directly above your head threatening a storm. Again and again the drums clap like ligthtning cracking open the sky. The vocalist enacts the heaviness of the rain-carrying clouds. Put the GoreTex around your body and the needle on this storm and wait out the winter rains inside your bedroom. a classic on this awesome label ..
This item is tagged as:
  • Emo
  • Hardcore
  • Punk

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