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SiNonSedesIs is a new creature born from the ashes of Concrete, Notorius, Fucking Blood and Los Vaticanos, bands which marked a turning point in the italian scene in the late 90's. Combining slow, articulated riffing and songwriting with black-ish vocals and psychedelic rock influences, this band has a massive emotional impact and a dark, gloomy mood that makes them unique.

Marnero is a 4 piece combo featuring members of Laghetto, Lady Tornado and Ed. Getting older made them want to play slow, and so they did. They bring the heaviness of early neurosis together with a desperate yet ironic lyrical approach, all mixed with a noisy attitude and a love for uneven times.

This split 12" comes packed with a deluxe gold silkscreeneed cover featuring artwork from the mighty Andreco. First press 500 copies,

This item is tagged as:
  • Hardcore
  • Post-Hardcore
  • Screamo

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