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Classic Nigerian fuji music, originally released in 1982 on the Lagos-based Siky Oluyole label. SIKIRU AYINDE, better known by his stage name “ALHAJI (CHIEF) SIKIRU AYINDE BARRISTER,” born in Lagos in 1948, is one of the creators of fuji music, and still a leader in the field. The genre, named by Ayinde after Mt. Fuji in Japan (simply because he liked the sound of the word), was developed in the early seventies when Ayinde, who had sung traditional Muslim music since he was a boy, put together a 25-piece band called the SUPREME FUJI COMMANDERS. Fuji is a percussion-heavy dance music with the free vocals of Muslim ajisari music (sung during Ramadan) accompanied by Hawaiian guitar and the sakara (a tambourine drum), and often featuring upwards of 10 percussionists. It is a mixture of were, juju, apala, and traditional Yoruban praise poems. Ayinde is one of Nigeria’s best known singer / songwriters and was one of the first to take the fuji genre outside of Africa, touring all over Europe, especially in the UK, long before any other fuji musician.
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