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Waiting On A Remedy' is the first album from rag-tag rocker CORY CASE whom you might know from his former band the Licks. CORY draws influences from past experiences and daily life. And the chords he strums intricately mesh with this subject matter creating songs that automatically resonate with the listener. Whether intentional or not, CORY writes songs about things that everyone has felt or gone through in their life. And he presents them in such an honest and sincere way, that the listener can't help but feel and understand CORY's plight.

Growing up as a child in and around Orange County, CA CORY became a classical music head, enthusiastically absorbing the works of Mozart, Bach, and the other classical greats. His father, also a musician, would fervently play Jimi Hendrix around the house. And it was only a matter of time before CORY intriguingly took notice. That stark musical contrast soon led CORY down a long, educational road of devouring classic rock, blues & singer/songwriters artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, The Carpenters, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf; along with more traditional rock n roll bands like the The Rolling Stones, The Who, Beatles, and the Faces. He soon taught himself to master the piano, guitar, bass, violin, and harmonica, all instruments that are effortlessly presented by CORY on ‘Waiting On A Remedy'. CORY CASE plays traditional rock n roll put through a folk-ey, country filter that any rock n roll fan will appreciate.

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