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A wonderfully unique little record from the early 70s – recorded by a very young group, ostensibly to meet girls, and originally only pressed up in a run of 25 copies – but filled with songs that have a surprising amount of character, and a raw sound that's quite unusual for the time! There's almost a pre-punk energy to the group – not because they're loud or that angsty – but just because they've got this quality that's kind of post-garage, and a bit out of its place – almost like the energy of the early Modern Lovers – yet in a different way, too. The tunes also have a darkness that you don't always find in recordings of this vintage – although that might also have to do with the way the bass is a bit upfront in the mix – and the spare but brooding quality of some of the guitar parts – all in a way that make us feel more like this is some early Homestead Recordings session by a group who went onto polish their act in later years – instead of some obscure American set from the late psych years. The reissue quality is wonderful – super-heavy vinyl and cover, a cool insert of notes, and even a bonus 45 with 2 previously unissued tunes! Titles include "Untitled Love", "Hooky Player", "The Stones You Throw", "Backbone Of The Nation", "Airplane Rider", "I Don't Love Her Anymore", and "Like A Vine"
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