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Blimey, this is a bit good. We've spoken before about Not Not Fun's brilliantly disposable aesthetic, and Peaking Lights' fantastically enjoyable '936' album from last year epitomozed everything we love about it; delivering rough, unpolished, vulnerable and giddy recordings without too much care for all those things you'd associate with 'grown up' music. The problem is, that whole disposable thing doesnt lend itself too well to sustaining a long career, so we were a bit sceptical about whether their union with Domino offshoot label Weird World could produce anything like the some kind of spontaneous outburst of joy we encountered on '936'. But, well, the fact is, this first taster of their forthcoming "Lucifer' album is just a corker. It has the same kind of emotionally detached, hazy teenage romanticism we love so much on records by the likes of Antena, slapped on top of a plastic reggae rhythm full of squashed reverb and even a newborn baby offering background effects. Ok, we've managed to make that sound terrible - but somehow it just totally works, and is making us think of sunny days and good good times - which, in our books, can't often be bettered. Right?
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  • dub
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  • synth

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