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Crazy 3-way collaboration from some of America's best underground musicians... Charalambides Tom Carter is joined by Shawn McMillen, sometimes member of Warmer Milks and Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast, with he added power of Starving Weirdos. This two tracked collaboration has been around since 2007 and it landed in my mailbox a few months back, and man, its a real beauty. Side A is a total hypnotic slice of ravaged drone, the four musicians seamlessly blend their own styles of underground bliss outs to sheer perfection. Side B opens with a crazy loop of applause, waving back and forth with a growing repetative plug-in to new opening it up to create new levels of total sonic weirdness. Slow shimmering black chasms engulf the positivity until its awash with lo-fi scrapes and buzzing electrical nightmare. The loop eventually drops back in with total far gone chimes, jingling away at acid burnt psychedelic keys and a thundering bass loop. A totally bizarre jam, which just opens more potential ventures up for these artists, hopefully we'll see more from this collaborative team soon... Limited to 320 in pro-printed wraparound sleeves.
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  • Experimental
  • Guitar
  • Noise

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