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I really dig bands who are tough to pigeonhole, take Copenhagen's The City Kill. Desert goth? Noise twang? There's a vibe of Australian rock'n'roll like The Birthday Party and Kill Devil Hills but also British postpunk like Spaceman 3 and Siouxie & The Banshees comes to mind
The City Kill debut album is a vast improvement over their 1st demo and the album pre-mix I got several months ago. Peter Peter (Sort Sol, Sods, Bleeder Group) mastered it, I reckon he did wonders with the production of the five tracks. The music is really a trip. It's dreamy, haunting, introverted, fragile yet loose, loud, and reckless at the same time. The vocals are somewhat laidback, while the guitars go from rootsy twang and then erupt with crazyass cacophonic aggression, all backed with a unique almost tribal-like, yet subtle drumming. All the five tracks turn me on, especially the 18 mins long "In My Mind" (the whole side 2), I mean, I could imagine Thurston Moore wank himself blind to the over-the-top noisy guitar parts. Excellent debut from the Danish/Australian 4-piece, and another winner from Red Tape Records. Limited to 250 copies, handnumbered

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