The Million Sounds of Black LP
Label: HUNGRY EYE records

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On The Million Sounds of Black, the Weegs return to Hungry Eye with a second full length of tripped out distorto-skronk. They take their craggly claw, latch onto early American punk/ post-punk and California “no wave”, and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Now even more entrenched in a crypto- sarcastic anonymity, their disjointedly pulsing rhythm throbs along with hypnotic bursts of feedback and noise that would do Arto Lindsay proud. This art-damaged racket is still uncannily musical, like some freak-beat psych band gone horribly wrong. LP version is limited to 600 copies and comes with a CD that features a 40 minute bonus track.
This item is tagged as:
  • Art Punk
  • Postpunk
  • Synth

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