Listen to My Heartbeast LP
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Diebold formed in Montreal in 2002 as an exciting new experiment in controlled, technologically-enhanced two-party democracy. Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed you! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion, etc.) and Ian Ilavsky (Sofa, Silver Mt. Zion, etc.) became roommates around this time, and decided to take politics off the kitchen table, agreeing instead to submit their dispute to arbitration in a designated soundproof area, using a mix of traditional and modern tools calibrated to maximize output and allowing the participants to explore policy, express vision, and reach consensus in a largely non-verbal, though highly aural, manner. The results, officially documented and made public here for the first time, provide a vital new roadmap for international peace and reconciliation, and can be instantly verified using any standard CD or phonograph record playback device. Diebold combines a simple, time-tested, user-friendly interface (drums, bass) with years of research into the potentialities of various signal-processing devices to create a stable, accessible system that anyone can understand, using the popular and well-known concepts of 'riff,' 'feedback' and 'distortion.' Diebold translates these through its patented bi-amplification routing architecture, allowing for a powerful and resilient stereophonic interpretation of basic gestures. Diebold also deploys portable, real-time 'loop' technology to outsource various routine procedures in an immediate and responsive manner, permitting certain 'multiplier effects' that virtualize participation and human agency when necessary. This album comes packaged in a silk-screened jacket.
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