Say Hello To Artificial Grey LP
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First full-length album of German indie / post-punk revival band Monozid included all best features of previous mini-releases. “Say Hello to Artificial Grey” is a great example of modern post-punk revival saturated not only with influences of analogous music of 80’s, but with creative rushes of today. Besides evident parallels with Joy Division, For Against, The Sound, “Say Hello to Artificial Grey” is also interesting because of its pop-orientated tracks and post-rock experiments with the sound. Another dignity of this CD is constantly changing mood: from melancholy and tension to extensive meditation and detachment. However, all these nuances do not seem as something partial. Due to skills of musicians every component forms complete musical (and sometimes only instrumental) space that could be perceived at one breath. German and English lyrics add its spice to general concept of release that makes the sound of vocals more diversified and expressive. Thereby, we have hi-q and checked material that will be interesting not only for orthodox fans of indie post-punk scene of 80’s but for any other person who likes modern and thoughtful music. There’s no need to mention any song at this release, because it would be much better if you interpreted whole track-list as something united and logic.
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