Steal Yer Heart LP
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Included on the new album is the Briefs' newest addition, bass player Steve Kicks (formerly of Canadian punk outfit, New Town Animals). If their last record, "Sex Objects" was full of political mischief, an antidote for these tumultuous times, "Steal yer Heart" is a dysfunctional love song, a reflection of the challenges that come with spending half your life on the road. There's the anthem-ish "Criminal Youth," the hilarious "Getting Hit on at the Bank," and the blistering "Can't Get Through." And then there's "I Can't Work" a song so nerve-jangled and strange it feels like audio panic attack. Even the newest member, Stevie Kicks of the New Town Animals from Vancouver BC, puts in a turn at lead vocals with "Forty & Above." Romance schmomance (fictional or otherwise). The Brief's new record is a platter full of anti-love songs for anyone who has ever had a bad case of rotten love. Think of it as a soundtrack for tenderhearted hooligans and sweet-as-sin heartbreakers to break up by. Just give it a spin and you'll come crawling back for more.

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